Burlington, VT

Burlington is situated on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, north of Shelburne Bay. It was built on a strip of land extending about 6 miles (9.7 km) south from the mouth of the Winooski River along the lake shore, and rises from the water’s edge to a height of 300 feet (91 m).

A large ravine in what is now downtown was filled in with refuse and raw sewage in the 19th century to make way for further development.

Burlington’s economy centers on education, health services, trade, transportation, and utilities, and some manufacturing. One measure of economic activity is retail sales.

The Church Street Marketplace, a four-block pedestrian mall in the heart of the city, is the site of festivals throughout the year. Events such as the „South End Art Hop“ and public galleries such as Pine Street Art Works, provide a forum for the visual arts in the South End. The American Planning Association named the Marketplace one of America’s „Great Public Spaces“ for 2008.

A „Festival of Fools“ had an estimated 25,000 attendees at the Marketplace in 2009. The „Vermont Brewers Festival“ had 9,600 attendees in 2009, and the „Giant Pumpkin Regatta and Festival“ had 5,000 attendees that same year; Saturday Night Live satirized the event. One of the largest year-round farmers’ markets in the state of Vermont is located in the city.

Burlingtonians are diverse, forward-thinking citizens, surrounded by scenic beauty and recreational opportunities.