Lodi, OH

Lodi is a village in Medina CountyOhio, United States. The population was 2,746 at the 2010 census. Founded in 1811, Lodi is the oldest settlement in Medina County. It was originally called Harrisville, in honor of Judge Joseph Harris. The community’s name echoes that of the city of Lodi in northern Italy, where Napoleon won a victory in 1796.  The year of incorporation was 1891. Lodi Primary School served preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first and second graders. Grades three and four were sent to Seville Intermediate School, and fifth and sixth graders attended Westfield Upper Elementary. The communities of ChathamLafayetteWestfield CenterSeville, and Lodi combined together to form Cloverleaf Middle School and Cloverleaf High School. With the building of the new Lodi Elementary now situated across the street from Lodi High School, the current buildings are now empty.

Lodi has a public library, a branch of Medina County District Library.

Dairy farms and grain farms still dot the landscape in the surrounding townships making the area a favorite for prospective home owners. Lodi has several unique landmarks: Black River traverses the community from the North. Along its bank is one of the most beautiful community parks in Ohio where families enjoy picnics and play. Three unique railroad bridges, each exactly one mile apart, were built in 1907. These bridges are a testimony to the early engineers in Ohio and are connected by a man made earth hill that stretches for many miles across the beautiful valley that nestles the village. Central Park in downtown Lodi features a restored gazebo, a war memorial, and a statue of a Native American. The Woodlawn Cemetery features a vast array of large rhododendron bushes planted over 100 years ago. The bushes bloom every year near Memorial Day.

Conveniently located near Cleveland and Akron, you’ll find that our community has a vintage small-town country atmosphere with all the conveniences and activities of being a part of the Cleveland-Akron metro area.

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