The area now known as the city of Westlake was first settled on October 10, 1810. At the time, it was part of Dover Township.

In 1901, the northern part of the township seceded to form Bay Village. In 1912, a southern portion left to join North Olmsted. The remaining township residents formed Dover Village in 1913, taking with it a portion of Olmsted Township.

Dover Village was renamed Westlake in 1940. This was done to eliminate confusion with Dover, Ohio. The village of Westlake became a city in 1957. The Westlake Historical Society was formed to inform and educate others about the history of Dover/ Westlake.

In September 1966, a house in Westlake which had recently been bought by John R. Compton, a black pastor, was firebombed. No one was injured, although the bombing did cause around $10,000 of damage. According to the Cleveland Press, the mayor of Westlake, Alexander R. Roman, „criticized the parties involved in the sale of the home…He said no one was notified so the community could be prepared to accept a Negro family.“

Crocker Park is a lifestyle center located on Crocker Road. It is essentially an outdoor mall with areas for recreation and socializing. The park is based on a small French town-type setting. There are also apartments and offices above some stores and restaurants. Townhouses are located on the southwest corner.