Dear Members of the American Adventure Club,

Club cards give you great benefits primarily in connection with our cultural exchange programs.

Our goal is to thank you for the trust you have shown in the form of giving various discounts on our programs, but also the opportunity to join our club.


The condition for achieving compensation in the BRING A FRIEND action is that the candidate who joined the program through the club card holder receives a visa, that is. that the arrangement is realized.

Note: The user of the card can use its benefits if the registration fee (dinar part) is in force at the time of joining the program. If there is another discount in force that implies a discount on the last installment of the program, then the Club card member has the option to choose whether to use the card to reduce the last installment or to use the current discount. Uni Credit bank card holders cannot use the AA club card at the same time and vice versa.


In order for the card to become active and for the cardholder to be able to receive the above discounts, it is necessary to:

  1. Every club member who has participated in any of the American Adventure and Worldwide Adventures Ltd. programs is required to leave their experience on the website via the link -travel-experience /
  2. Each club member who did not participate in the program (did not get a visa or was prevented from participating for other reasons and has an AA club card) is required to bring a friend who would join the program and thus join the club.