One of the most important things when planning to move even to another city, let alone a state, is a bank account. In modern society, doing business without a bank account is impossible, on the basis of which you receive a salary, receive pension and health insurance, pay all transactions and bills, take out loans and much more.

The thing you need to think about before you go to Australia is choosing the right bank and opening an account in it.

Some banks in Australia allow you to transfer funds even before you go to Australia. Australia’s first bank whose services are used by most citizens is WESTPAC. This bank has a wide range of services and benefits that it provides to both residents and people on temporary work and residence in Australia. Westpac is a bank with offices around the world and has a support service that is active 24/07. In addition to regular banking services, it provides a lot of information and benefits to people coming to Australia for the first time. The most convenient thing with this bank is that it allows you to open a current account even up to 12 months before your arrival in Australia, as well as the possibility of transferring funds.

The Westpac Bank website is if you need additional information.