Another job in the US – extra.

All program participants are allowed to do additional work. When you go to this type of program, you will first have to respect the employer on the basis of which you received your visa. Adjust work on additional work to the shift schedule at the primary employer. If you want to earn extra, this is the perfect solution for you.

Do not hesitate to ask for a job in your area and to offer and leave your CV, so that you can be contacted and taken into consideration by other employers.

We suggest that you use the CV form you received from us supplemented with the employer you currently work for and the phone number you use in the United States.

With this form, you can start looking for additional work. Copy your CV in about twenty copies when you arrive in the United States.

You can send electronically or leave a printed CV in person to the employers you are interested in in your place of residence.

Be sure to notify the Sponsorship Agency of any other business.

Do not start work until the employer has been approved by the Sponsorship Agency.

Not every additional job as well as every employer needs to be approved by the Sponsorship Agency.

See the list of prohibited jobs for J1 students here.

After informing the Sponsorship Agency about the desire to do additional work – the documentation that your future employer must fill in will be forwarded to you by e-mail. Don’t be impatient, the procedure for approving additional work takes only a few days. For most Sponsoring Agencies, this is a free process, but some Sponsors charge up to $ 50 for this verification process.

Working with an unapproved employer is a condition for losing the right to a program and deportation to Serbia.

Verification of another job is NECESSARY because only in that way can you be protected in case you have trouble with additional work. You will not be able to exercise your right to a tax refund with an unregistered employer.

Remember, you need to fill out a W4 form at each job. In it, you leave the exact and permanent address where you or your parents reside in Serbia. This is the address to which, after returning from America, you will receive a W2 form from your employer.


Take a walk around the city and ask where additional labor is needed. It is very likely that they are restaurants and hotels. Ask if they have employed J1 students so far. If so, your process of approving an additional employer will be much easier and faster.