STEP 4 – Application

Our next step is to fill out the official AU PAIR HOST family search application. In order to adequately fill out the application, you need to enclose a minimum of two references from the families you cared for, at least one reference from the person you cared for in relation to your psychological profile. You need to make a photo collage made up of pictures of you and the children while taking care of them and it should preferably be in JPEG format. Have a medical examination, get a certificate that you have not been prosecuted, a copy of your driver’s license, a cover letter to your family in the USA, a copy of your diploma (from college or high school), a copy of an interview we did earlier and a psychometric test. Once we have collected this, you fill out an application during which the agent will assist you. The application is sent to the AU PAIR agency and then the search for your HOST family can begin.