Phase 4 involves performing the required procedure before going to the program. The sponsoring agency must go through certain items with the candidate before he or she leaves for Australia. This procedure is usually performed 2-3 weeks before the departure of the candidate.

Pre-trip program items:

  1. Airline ticket – after obtaining a visa, the candidate buys a ticket through the American Adventure Agency and the agency timely submits the candidate’s flight data to the sponsoring agency;
  2. Tax file number and bank account – Applying for a tax number is required. The candidate will complete a TFN document and the TaxBack partner will apply on behalf of the candidate when he arrives in Australia. The candidate will apply electronically to open an account at ANZ Bank of Australia and go to their branch in Australia to pick up their debit card;
  3. IMAN form of health insurance – IMAN form is required. The candidate will complete this form after settling a bank account in Australia. Payment of health insurance begins two weeks after the candidate arrives for work;
  4. Orientation – To make sure that the candidate is ready for the successful implementation of the program, the AAG sponsoring agency will organize the orientation via Skype account with the candidate before his departure to Australia. Orientation topics include the following:
  • Sighting information
  • Culture shock
  • Laws in Australia
  • How to have the most successful job placement
  • Accommodation: The candidate is obliged to provide accommodation as soon as he finds out where his job offer will be located. The sponsoring agency assists in securing the first three nights at the nearest hotel as soon as the candidate arrives (at the expense of the sponsoring agency). The candidate is in charge of the rest of the stay. Only in exceptional circumstances does the employer provide accommodation to the candidate within the job offer (if the job is quite far from public transport or a larger city and if it is very demanding to get from accommodation to the job).
  • Sponsor agency support and procedures while participants are on the program
  • Checklist before departure
  • Orientation allows the candidate to meet other candidates who will also go to the program
  • All candidates must have completed an orientation before going to Australia.