American Adventure Agency mediates in the purchase of airline tickets for all program participants.

The authorized partner with whom we have been cooperating for years chooses the most favorable tickets with benefits that are included for all Work and Travel participants. We also provide online support during your stay while you are in America.

The agency will provide privileged tickets for all program participants – This means that the tickets will be tailored to the candidates. Most tickets have the benefit of free change of return date, the possibility of two free luggage…. This is an important item regarding your return. It often happens that the return dates are shifted (extra charge for ordinary tickets between 130 and 160e) and of course it will suit each candidate to have the opportunity to carry as many kg as possible (if only one suitcase of 23kg is included, extra charge for each kg that you exceed $ 50). Other luggage is usually charged up to $ 100.

It is important to note that the air ticket is not included in the price of the program, because the candidates go to different parts of America and therefore the price varies from location to location.