is a city / state in southwest Asia. It faces the Persian Gulf to the east. It borders Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. Most of the land is flat desert. Today it has a total population of about 2 million.

Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy with the oldest directly elected parliament among the Arab nations in the Persian Gulf. The country is ruled by the Al Sabah dynasty and the head of state is the emir or sheik. Kuwait has a GDP of 167.9 billion dollars, which makes it the fifth richest country in the world. According to the index of economic freedom, it ranks second in the Middle East.

A small country in southwest Asia on the Arabian Peninsula with access to the Persian Gulf, an ordinary traveler who comes to visit seems to suddenly find himself in some wonderful story from 1001 Nights. This country is an oasis in the middle of the desert, and its inhabitants are in no hurry, they say “slowly, everything will be fine, the job will be done”.

Magnificent buildings, the vast majority of which are modern, but there are also those in the Arabic style, modern roads, the most modern cars, luxury and splendor. In this country, the labor force consists mainly of Indians, Senegalese, Lebanese, Filipinos, but also people from European countries who are looking for happiness in a rich country. Kuwaitis do not do hard work.

What is amazing for people coming from the Balkan countries is the perfect service. In the shop, restaurant, hotel, the employees treat the guests carefully and with a lot of respect. The catering and trade slogan “the guest and the customer are always right” really applies to them.

When you enter the shopping center, you have the feeling that you are on one of Europe’s main streets, the center is covered and air-conditioned and the promenade is decorated with marble and concrete cubes. There is no store in the world that you can’t find here. You make good money here, but you also spend it relentlessly.

Kuwait finances the education of its young people at world universities, with accommodation and scholarships provided, with only one condition – to bring a diploma. Therefore, the people who come here as language teachers are extremely appreciated.

There are universities in Kuwait, schools that employ only workers from abroad. From the experience of people who have been employed as language teachers, the impressions are generally excellent. Regarding the Balkans, most people are from Serbia who earn an annual salary in Serbia in a month in Kuwait. Of course, it always depends on the position, the school, the university. Life is quite expensive and the pollution of the city is not negligible, but we are constantly working on improving the quality of life.