Medical insurance

Every participant in the Work and Travel program must have health insurance during their stay in the United States. The medical insurance granted to participants in the Work and Travel program includes a basic insurance package and such a package is approved by the State Department. It is very important, before applying to the program, to tell us if you have any health problems of any kind, because treatment in the United States is extremely expensive.

Insurance does not cover:

Dental interventions,
Serious illness,
Injuries that occurred before coming to the United States cannot be treated under this insurance,
Routine physical examinations and vaccinations,
Preventive medical services
Testing for sexually transmitted diseases
Mental illness
The cost of treatment if you have used alcohol or drugs.

We suggest all candidates to perform a systematic examination on their own initiative before leaving for the United States.

The duration of medical insurance is in accordance with your job and the start and end dates of the job. You are not insured after this period. If you want to travel after work, we advise you to buy additional insurance for the travel period.

You can buy with the help of our intermediaries while you are in Serbia, or contact the sponsors when you know the exact dates of the trip when you are already on the program in the USA.

If you have been injured at work, inform your employers immediately.
Insurance is included in the price of the program. Each visit to the hospital costs $ 500, and a doctor’s examination costs $ 150.
Be sure to get an invoice so you can get a refund from the insurance company.
Bring with you an insurance brochure that you received from the agency, when giving medical treatment you will need information about the insurance company.
Insurance often covers treatment up to a certain amount, so you have to bear the rest of the costs yourself.
IT IS BETTER TO PREVENT THAN TO TREAT 🙂 Be careful and do not expose yourself to risky and dangerous situations for your health.