Australia is one of the first countries to actively introduce mobile phones and is generally among the first countries in the world to implement new techniques and technologies. When buying a new phone, always pay attention to every detail, price, size, brand, memory, additional benefits and so on. The same is the case with the telephone number, what is the strength of the signal by territories, what is the service itself. Mobile phone providers are probably the most professional people who can provide you with this type of information and give convenient advice. This is also the case in Australia. In Australia, an extremely small percentage of the population buys phones that are not tied to a mobile operator.

Australia’s leading mobile providers are:

TELSTRA. Telstra is Australia’s leading mobile provider for sourcing mobile phones with the possibility of repayment in several installments with various benefits. They also have a wide network of stores where you can buy adequate equipment for your mobile phones. In addition to mobile telephony services, they also provide home Internet and fixed telephony services, depending on which package you choose. The largest percentage of the population uses the services of this provider because it provides the best conditions for paying for mobile phones, you can be both a prepaid and postpaid user, and most of the territory of Australia is covered by the signal.

OPTUS. Optus is the second largest mobile provider but is certainly far smaller than Telstra. The scope of Optus’ business is reduced to about 30 private projects and 8 business projects that cover a certain number of people. The biggest difference between Telstra and Optus is in the size of the territory covered by the signal, in which case Telstra is definitely a better provider.

VODAFONE. Vodafone is an even smaller mobile provider than Optus, reduced to only 38 private projects in Australia. The biggest drawback of this provider is that the signal covers only large metropolises and larger cities in the districts.

VIRGIN MOBILE. Virgin mobile is definitely the smallest provider in Australia that is practically part of Optus because it uses its network.

You can enter into the Package Agreement that suits you best with all the listed providers. The most important thing is to emphasize when choosing a package what you really need and emphasize that you want to know the final price with taxes included so that there is no confusion.

We advise that, when you first move to Australia, you take a package that is paid in advance and allows you a certain number of minutes, messages, roaming for that money, because the interest rates for overdrafts on other packages in Australia are quite high.

It is important to note that most of the accessories you may have from previous mobile phones do not match the mobile phones you take in Australia because they have a different technology from us. For that reason, there is no point in carrying additional mobile equipment that you will probably not be able to use.