Possible questions at the Embassy:

  1. What are you studying, which faculty?
  2. What year are you studying?
  3. Have you renewed the year?
  4. How many exams do you have left until the end of your studies?
  5. Where are you travelling to? (which city, state in USA)
  6. What do your parents do?
  7. Do you have a brother or sister? What do they do?
  8. Who is your employer in the US?
  9. What job will you be doing there?
  10. How much are you paid for that job?
  11. Do you have any special tourist locations in the United States that you intend to visit?
  12. Do you have relatives in the United States?
  13. Why are you going to the US (departure goals)?Note :

    A) When answering the above questions, one should leave the impression of a student whose main goals are to improve their English language skills, get acquainted with American culture and customs, as well as travel through America.

    B) When going to the embassy, it is desirable to look decent.