This is the section where we talk about ALL the NECESSARY documents you need to provide us during the program.

I Documents that you submit to us at the very beginning of the program:

  1. CV in two forms – You will receive an email from our Agent stating the WORD format for filling out the CV as well as the ONLINE CVJ1 that you need to fill out.

2 photos 5x5cm on a white background – Emphasize to the photographer that you need pictures for a US visa!

  1. Certificate in Serbian and English from the faculty – Ask the secretariat of your faculty (or student service) to issue you these certificates of your full-time study. If they do not provide you with a certificate in English, we will do it for FREE!
  2. Photocopy of the first page of the passport – Be sure to check if the passport is valid! The passport must be valid for 6 months longer than the planned return from the United States. The copy must be legible so that all data can be easily identified.
  3. Confirmation from the Ministry of the Interior that you have not been criminally convicted.

NOTE: These documents must be submitted immediately upon registration. The deadline for delivery is 10 days after the application for the program.

II Documents that must be submitted at least 10 days before the visit (it would be desirable to do so as soon as possible):

List of passed exams – You also get this at your faculty.

Passport – Of course VALID!

Index – Make sure that all the grades you have received so far are included in the index!


You probably thought that the documentation for going to the USA is much more complicated. This is a list of required documentation and you need one day to obtain it. In addition to the basic, each candidate has the opportunity to submit additional documentation that would improve the status of a full-time student (certificate, letter of recommendation from the professor, work on a project at the faculty ()