Your stay in America is coming to an end and it is time to slowly prepare to return home. You are full of impressions and you probably don’t think much about some things that are very important and that you MUST do before you return to Serbia.

Check your plane ticket and return date

Take a good look at your ticket and what the return date is on it. If your return plans change during the program and you want to change the flight date, you are free to do so by contacting our Airline Ticket Agent and moving the return date. It is very important that you do it on time, at least three weeks before the flight, so that there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Pay your debts if you have them

Be sure to settle ALL debts you have to the landlord, pay all remaining bills properly, if you have any medical bills, any bills you are told to pay before leaving.

The accommodation you leave behind

Keep in mind that in the accommodation where you spent the summer, someone should live after you. Be sure to leave everything as you found it when you first entered the apartment. Do not break, tear or violate the rules of the Rental Agreement by the landlord, otherwise you will not be refunded the deposit you left to the landlord at the very beginning. Maintain the hygiene of the space and do not leave things behind. If you adhere to these items, you will have no problems leaving.

Close your bank account!

Before leaving, close your bank account and withdraw money from it. If you haven’t cashed all your checks by now, it’s time to do so before you go. Of course, when you open a bank account, it is up to you to settle all the details with the bank, so that later, when closing the account, there will be no additional unforeseen costs and unpleasant surprises.

Check out from I-94

Another thing you must not forget before you leave the country is to check out the I-94 form. Simply enter the site where you applied for it and log out!

Log out of SEVIS

As with document I-94, go to the site and log out. The dates of SEVIS and I-94 when entering and leaving the country must match.

Check your luggage

Pay attention to excess baggage weight. Take a look at the allowable weight of the suitcase on your plane ticket, and be guided by that. Remember that every kilogram is over the allowable salary.