Procedure for changing the return date:

  • Let your airline ticket agent know by email or phone what date you would like to travel;
  • The agent will tell you which flights are available;
  • If you need to pay extra to change the date, ask your agent to send you payment instructions;
  • Avoid weekends for changing return dates;
  • Make sure you send an instruction to change it at least three weeks before the desired return date.


  1. Time needed to change the return date – Request a change of date as soon as you are sure of the return date, 2 weeks earlier is optimal, but keep in mind that the first change is free when there is space on your tariff, and each subsequent one is paid according to the tariff conditions (from 150eur and up). Study the map well and do not confuse the return date with the transfer date, keep in mind that you are moving from one time zone to another.
  2. Be at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight.

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