What is a Social Security Number – SSN?

SSN is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, and U.S. temporary workers. The SSN is issued through the Social Security Administration. The primary purpose of SSN is to monitor tax revenues. Over time, it also became a National Identification Number. Students participating in the Work & Travel program must apply for SSN upon arrival in the United States.
You will apply for a SSN at your local social security office. When applying, you must submit the following original documents:
• Passport with J-1 visa
• Work offer form with employer data
• DS-2019 form
• I-94 form (you receive instructions from us; the site where you fill in the information on entering and leaving the USA. When you fill in the date of entry, you print that completed form).
Remember that it is necessary to contact the agency in the USA within 48 hours after arriving in the country. Until the agency registers you, you do not have a valid status and your application for SSN cannot be processed. Delayed registration with the U.S. Sponsorship Agency may delay obtaining an SSN.