1. Work clothes for a week (warm pants, sweaters, T-shirts and short and long sleeves, warm hats. Bring more socks so you can change during longer shifts),
  2. Clothes you can wear under your pants to keep you warm,
  3. Cotton and woolen warm socks as well as good insoles for boots,
  4. Caps,
  5. Shower towels as well as shower slippers,
  6. Wake-up alarm,
  7. Hygiene products (shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush …),
  8. Camera,
  9. Books,
  10. Fun and game tickets,
  11. Pocket money,
  12. The drugs you need for the whole season,
  13. Spare glasses or lenses,
  14. Mobile phone card,
  15. Vitamins,
  16. Cigarettes (if you smoke),
  17. The boots are provided by the company but if you want yours you can see some at this link http://www.xtratufboots.com/product/non-insulated-xtratuf-legacy-15-22272g/mens-xtratuf-legacy-boots).