The return of culinary chefs to the list of deficient occupations in Australia has been officially announced at the Australian National Tourism and Transport Forum. This country urgently needs trained chefs to help tourists gain a positive experience of Australia. In the spheres of tourism and transport, numerous occupations are in short supply, but the most urgent is the demand for chefs. During 2011 and 2012, 2,160 chefs and cooks received work visas but, as stated, “many tourism and hospitality businesses still have problems finding adequate staff.” Tourism is a very competitive industry and Australia, in addition to good infrastructure and an interesting cultural offer, also needs experienced people who will be able to meet the requirements of guests at all levels.

For now, the Australia Training program needs people who will go for a certain period of time (12-18 months) to improve in their field and to be able to find the best job in the profession when they return to their home country. The salary that program participants can expect on an annual basis is between $ 42,000 – $ 50,000 AUD.