Do not panic! Kindly ask the consul to explain to you why you were rejected. Find out if the reason for your rejection is something you can correct (eg pass another exam).

Quietly leave the waiting room, save all the documentation, first of all DS 2019 and the rejection, and contact the representatives of American Adventure and you will receive further instructions.

You definitely have the right to try again.

The re-sighting process

If you receive an explanation of the refusal from the consul (which sometimes does not happen because the consuls are not obliged to explain their decision to you) and you think that you are able to eliminate this reason in the foreseeable future, e.g. you did not pass a sufficient number of exams in college or you were confused at the time of the interview… you have the right to go for re-examination.

The sighting process is repeated in that case, and you are obliged to pay the fee of 160 US dollars to the consular department again.

In the event of a final rejection by the U.S. Embassy, ​​you have the option to exercise your right to a full refund of the funds you paid for the program, in addition to the $ 70 application fee.

This right has a candidate who meets certain conditions, namely:

  • that he has taken the exams regularly for the previous 12 months,
  • that there are no backlog exams from previous years,
  • that he did not renew a single year of college,
  • that he is not a first-year student,
  • that he has not previously enrolled in another faculty,
  • to have at least 50% of passed exams out of the total number of exams from the current school year,
  • that he did not take a break between finishing high school and enrolling in college,
  • that he has studied continuously so far, has not taken breaks between enrolled years at the faculty for any reason,
  • that he has not been denied any type of U.S. visa in the past and has not violated visa rules if he has previously participated in similar programs or traveled as a tourist,
  • that he has no relatives in the USA for which he could possibly be rejected,
  • that he passed the initial English language test with grades 8, 9 or 10 in all 4 segments (understanding, reading, conversation, writing).

Otherwise, the agency retains $420.

We reward conscientious and responsible students to plan their adventure without risk!