If you have a problem during the program or have any doubts in resolving certain situations, you are provided with online support, 24/7 phones, and of course people in sponsorship agencies who are in charge of you during the program.

At any time, you will also have the help of our agency for any type of assistance if you do not know how to solve the problem or who to contact.



+381 11 4257230

+381 64 1072004


Call your sponsoring agency and contact the person assigned to you before leaving for the US.

Depending on your sponsoring agency, you will receive cards with all the information: address, telephone numbers and e-mail of the competent person in the sponsoring agency (we work with a number of agencies and after getting the job you will be assigned an agency that will be exclusively in charge of you).

If your rights and life are endangered during the program you can contact the Department of Human Rights, but before that it would be advisable to call your sponsoring agency.

Exchange Visitor Program Emergency

Contact Information:

Department of State Emergency Hotline: 1.866.283.9090

National Human Trafficking Resource Center: 1.888.373.7888

Department of State Email Address: JVISAS@STATE.GOV

Exchange Visitor Program Website: J1VISA@STATE.GOV