DISHWASHER – the duty of the dishwasher is to wash the dishes, maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and utility rooms.

BARTENDER – the duty of the bartender is to work at the bar in the bar. He is in charge of preparing and serving drinks.
This job requires experience in making cocktails and extensive knowledge of different types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

BAR BACK – the person employed in the bar back is a support to the bartender. His duties are: storing and taking out drinks, maintaining the hygiene of the bar, etc.

CASHIER – the duty of a cashier is to work at the cash register. He is responsible for all issues related to money, account closing, as well as for all credit card transactions.

FOOD SERVER / WAITER – the duties of the server are to receive orders from guests, serve drinks and food. This position is characterized by low hourly rates due to high amounts of tips. American culture is such that guests leave 15-20% of the total amount of the bill. This gesture is respected by all guests.

BUSSER – the duty of the busser is to assist the server by supervising, cleaning the tables after the departure of guests and preparing the table and utensils necessary to welcome the next guests. This position includes tips.

FOOD RUNNER – the duties of a runner are filling carts for transporting food in buffets, then transporting food, preparing spices, filling appliances with hot water or ice as needed, working with food and storing it, often tidying the kitchen and taking care of its cleanliness, etc.

FRONT DESK – the duty of the person employed at the front desk is to welcome hotel guests, receive reservations by phone or through the reservation system, check in – check out guests as well as provide various types of information. This position requires a very good knowledge of English and is usually characterized by a high hourly rate.

BELL MAN – the duty of the person employed in this position is to carry the luggage of guests at the entrance or exit of the hotel. If he does not carry baggage for guests, the bell boy is required to greet guests warmly at the entrance to the hotel or lobby. The work is sometimes arduous. Knowledge of another language is useful, but only to the extent sufficient to warmly greet guests from various countries and different speaking areas.

HOUSEKEEPING – the duty of the person employed in this position is the daily maintenance of hotel rooms, but also the maintenance of hygiene in the hotel in general. This position requires a minimum knowledge of English.

ROOM SERVICE – the duty of the person employed in this position is to deliver orders to guests per room.

HOSTESS – the duties of the hostess are to receive reservations, welcome and greet guests, make a seating schedule, ie. arranges guests at tables in the hall and brings menus to guests. If necessary, work at the cash register can be added to the list of duties. Often this position includes a tip.

SALES HELP positions are available mainly in smaller stores, boutiques, commissions. The duties of this business can be the sale of clothes, jewelry, ice cream, souvenirs, food, help with payment, help to customers. This job requires a good knowledge of English.

MAINTENANCE – these positions are available mainly in hotels, motels, countr / golf / yacht clubs. The duties of this job can be repairing broken things, mowing the grass, maintaining the hygiene of the facility, cleaning the pool, moving furniture, helping with painting, painting, parking cars, etc.

DELIVERY BOY – this position is available mainly in pizzerias and fast food restaurants. The duties of this job are delivering food and drinks. This job requires a driving test.

FAST FOOD WORKERS – these positions are available in popular fast food chains, clubs. Duties in these jobs are different and often rotating. Students can work in preparing food, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, as well as waiters, work at the cash register, take care of the hygiene of the facility. This job requires a conversational level of English. It is not uncommon to receive a small part of the tip along with the hourly rate.

MARKET WORKERS – positions available in large markets and stores. Duties will depend on the departments in which students are deployed. Front Desk – welcoming guests, answering the phone, helping customers. Cashier – work at the cash register, scanning groceries, taking care of the compliance of sales and money in the cash register. Pharmacy department – sales of pharmaceutical products, perfumes, cosmetics. Clothes and Shoes department – sale of clothes and shoes. Deli department – sale of salads, preparation of sandwiches, etc. Bakery department – preparation and sale of various pastries and cakes. Fruit department – fruit display, measurement, etc. Technical department – sales and assistance to customers with technical goods. Restaurant – Hostesses, Waiters, Bartenders. Liquaur store – drinks for sale.
Possible jobs are packing groceries in bags, collecting carts, storing, filling shelves, etc. Jobs in the markets are fun, with a lot of guests and colleagues and are not as stressful as some other types of work. Working hours are mostly before or in the afternoon, which is ideal because there is a free part of the day left for another job or rest and entertainment.

GROUNDS / LANDSCAPE – the responsibilities of the guys in these jobs are regular mowing of lawns, maintenance of hedges, etc. The girls mostly take care of the gardens, flowers, etc. These jobs are done outside and generally do not require advanced knowledge of English.

PARKING LOT ATTENDANT – obligations in this job are standing in front of the parking place, welcoming guests, directing to free places, often taking the guest’s car to a free parking place. These jobs require advanced knowledge of English as well as a driver’s license if the student parks the guests’ vehicles himself.

COOK / KITCHEN HELPER – the duties of the kitchen assistant are to cooperate with the chef and listen to his instructions, to prepare certain types of dishes, chop vegetables, fruits, take into account the expiration dates of groceries, make sandwiches, cakes, some basic dishes for what will be trained by the boss. No experience is required for these jobs, but it is important that the student likes this type of work.

AMUSEMENT PARK STAFF – it’s a business inside an amusement park. These are most often the positions of food, juice and driving sellers, vehicle operators and game and game controllers, as well as positions in park maintenance jobs. These jobs are most often outdoors. Earnings are closely related to the hourly rate, but there is also the possibility of earning through tips. This job requires a conversational level of English.

LIFEGUARD – lifeguard job at the pool / beach. Duties are ensuring the safety of all present at the pool / beach, ensuring compliance with the rules of conduct at the pool / beach, cleaning the pool, etc.… This type of work requires a conversational level of English.