MEXT conference in Novi Sad!

Within the sixth international conference for tourism and catering, which will be held from November 22 to 24 in the Congress Center “Master” of the Novi Sad Fair, participants will have the opportunity to listen to renowned speakers who have made great contributions in the field of world tourism. The theme of the event will be based on the application of digital marketing in tourism, new trends in the hotel industry and MICE tourism, which gives future and current tourism workers the opportunity to think effectively in the direction of developing their own profession.

On the day of the conference on November 23, people of optimistic spirit, determined to gain new experiences and contacts in the field of tourism, will fill the halls of the Congress Center “Master” and really confirm the importance of the European Youth Capital. The content of the conference will be enriched for the second time this year by the Career Fair, where individual higher education institutions and hotels will be presented, with the aim of providing adequate information to participants about future education or possible internships and jobs.

The importance of the MEXT conference is evidenced by the fact that it is supported by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, as well as the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism, the City Administration for Economy of Novi Sad and the Faculty of Science in Novi Sad. A large number of participants are expected to exceed 1,200 this year, coming from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and other countries.

Anyone interested in embarking on an MEXT adventure and gaining a “World Experience at Your Fingertips” can also get information via the event’s official website