In the eighties of the twentieth century, the idea in America was to give young girls from different countries the opportunity to legally babysit their children in America. With the development of industry and technology, people have become very limited in their free time due to the increase in working hours, and from that came the need to employ people who will take care of their children. AU PAIR is one of the programs that gives young girls from all over the world the opportunity to get acquainted with American culture, way of life, schooling and many other things through babysitting and staying in American families.

Participants in the program must primarily be people who love children and who have experience in caring for them. You have to be prepared to stay in an American family for a year, and be a part of it. The HOST families of the AU PAIR program are chosen very carefully, so that the customization of the program participants as well as the program itself would be as pleasant as possible. The AU PAIR candidate must infiltrate the life course of the family he came to. His task will be to take care of the children in the most adequate way possible. Also, the AU PAIR agency cooperates with a large number of families in various parts of the USA where it may not be possible to use public transportation. That is why it is extremely important for a participant in the program to be an active driver, because American families mostly use their own vehicle for transportation. Also, the candidate of the AU PAIR program must be between 18-26 years old, primarily in order to maximally unite with the children he will take care of, but also to be adequately taken care of by the HOST family.

If you are:

  1. persons aged 18-26,
  2. you have at least completed high school,
  3. you have a category B driver’s license,
  4. you have not been convicted,
  5. you have experience in babysitting,
  6. you have not previously been denied a U.S. visa,
  7. ou have an intermediate level of English language skills,
  8. and you have not been a participant in the AU PAIR program in previous years (less than 2 years ago),

…. you meet all the conditions to sign up for our program and start your adventure!

Experience: You must have at least two families with whom you worked before applying to the program. The more experience you have, the faster you will find a job.

Up to 26 years old: This means that the candidate must arrive in America before his 27th birthday, but he can turn 27 there and, say, extend the program after that if he wants to. It is important that only at the moment of entering the country, the candidate has a maximum of 26 years old.

You know English minimum B1 level: The candidate will pass a certain test in English when he gets a job and before he gets DS 2019 form from the sponsoring agency. This is one of the conditions for the candidate to receive all the necessary documentation for sighting.

Au Pair program for season 2021:

$ 549 + $ 70 program registration

Method and dynamics of payment:

  • $ 70 registration + $ 200 advance when applying to the Au pair program,
  • $ 349 after finding the Host family and before applying for a visa. The amount in dollars is paid in dinars at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment.


  1. an annual allowance of $ 10,000 which is about $ 195 per week,
  2. accommodation and food provided by the HOST family,
  3. online childcare training,
  4. a course at one of the colleges worth $ 500 which is also provided by the family,
  5. after one year of stay in the family, there is a possibility of extending the stay to 6, 9 or 12 months,
  6. two weeks of annual leave after 6 months of work,
  7. air ticket in both directions – provided by the family,
  8. health insurance during the working part of the program,
  9. constant support of the American Adventure team and the AU PAIR agency from the USA,
  10. obtaining the DS-2019 form,
  11. SEVIS costs,
  12. Help with filling out the application
  13. organizing sighting documentation,
  14. scheduling an interview at the United States Embassy,
  15. English language proficiency testing.


  1. sighting costs ($ 160)
  2. transfer costs from the airport to the HOST family in case incurred
  3. personal allowance of $ 300-500
  4. air tax costs of $ 100

NOTE: All costs listed in dollars are paid in dinars to the account of American Adventure d.o.o. at Erste Bank at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the day of payment. The visa fee is paid directly to the account of the embassy. The payment order will be provided to you by the sales agent of the American Adventure team.

First of all, we advise you to contact our agent at the branch in order to obtain more detailed information about the program. AU PAIR is a program that is active throughout the year, so you have the opportunity to sign up whenever you want, but please note that if you want to start your adventure within a week, chances are we will not be able to allow you to do so. Follow our website, and find out regularly about all the benefits we offer.

STEP 1 – Informative interview before application

After an informative meeting with one of our agents, we begin preparations for your AU PAIR program. We need to do a mini interview about your experience, what type of family would suit you best, the possible place of residence of the HOST family and so on. Before signing the contract, it is necessary to do a psycho test. The psychotest contains a series of questions that sales agents submit to you in writing and which you are obliged to fill in with correct and honest answers. The goal is to find out as much information about your personality as possible in order to provide you with the family that suits you best.

STEP 2 – Apply for the program

On our website you have an online application that you need to fill out if you have opted for the AU PAIR program. After that, we will send you all the documentation and upcoming steps on the way to your destination by e-mail. The documentation also includes payment instructions. After paying the first costs of the program, you will officially make your first step towards the United States. The price of the program consists of registration and advance payment, which is paid on the day of signing the Agreement, and the second installment is paid after finding your desired family. A Service Agreement is signed with American Adventure d.o.o. where the rights and obligations of you as the customer and our agency as the service provider are clearly defined.

STEP 3 – Documentation

After signing the Contract, your obligation is to submit the necessary documentation within the next 10 working days. Our associates will be with you throughout the process, until you reach your desired family safely. The application for the family will be according to your wishes and the advice of the associates, you will be accepted into the desired family only if both parties show approval.

STEP 4 – Application

Our next step is to fill out the official AU PAIR HOST family search application. In order to adequately fill out the application, you need to enclose a minimum of two references from the families you cared for, at least one reference from the person you cared for in relation to your psychological profile. You need to make a photo collage made up of pictures of you and the children while taking care of them and it should preferably be in JPEG format. Have a medical examination, get a certificate that you have not been prosecuted, a copy of your driver’s license, a cover letter to your family in the USA, a copy of your diploma (from college or high school), a copy of an interview we did earlier and a psychometric test. Once we have collected this, you fill out an application during which the agent will assist you. The application is sent to the AU PAIR agency and then the search for your HOST family can begin.

STEP 5 – Search for a HOST family

HOST families receive several applications at the same time and always select several potential candidates. The HOST family will contact you first by e-mail to arrange a telephone conversation or will contact you immediately by telephone. The agent will warn you to be at your phone when you enter the HOST family search process so you don’t miss the opportunity. Families are most interested in information about your previous childcare experience. Don’t be surprised if they ask you a question about your personality. The most important thing is to answer the questions in full sentences, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in a conversation with them. After talking to the family, we will soon receive an answer as to whether you have been received by the HOST family or not. Interviews like this are held until you are received by one HOST family.

STEP 6 – Generation of documents required to obtain a J1 visa by the AU PAIR agency

Once the HOST family has decided for you, the AU PAIR agency in the United States will start generating the necessary documents to obtain your J1 visa (DS 2019 form). Once all the documents have been collected, an interview is arranged for a visa at the embassy in Belgrade.

STEP 7 – Schedule an interview at the Embassy

It is the agency that schedules your appointment in accordance with your desired travel date and of course your agreement with the HOST family. Until then, your obligation is to pay a $ 160 fee to the US Embassy in Belgrade. Before going to the visa interview, the agency will guide you through possible questions at the visa interview itself. After the interview with the consul, you will receive an answer on the spot whether you have received a visa or not.

STEP 8 – Air ticket and departure

Regarding the air ticket, the AU PAIR agency provides you with the same. You do not bear the cost of air transportation. The only item you need to finance is the $ 100 surcharge (fee) for airports.

STEP 9 – Arrive at the HOST family

In most cases, the HOST family will pick you up at the airport and provide a transfer to your place of residence. If this is not the case, you will have to bear the cost of transport from the airport to the HOST family yourself.

We need certain documentation to complete the application. Filling out the application is quite a demanding job and that is why American Adventure agents will be constantly available to you during this process.


  1. photocopy of a valid passport,
  2. photos for US visa (5X5 cm with white background),
  3. confirmation that you have not been criminally convicted (from the Ministry of the Interior),
  4. photocopy of a valid international driver’s license,
  5. recommendations of at least 2 families with whom you have cared for children,
  6. recommendations from at least one person you have cared for in relation to your psychological profile,
  7. greeting letter to the HOST family,
  8. medical certificate (you get a blank at the agency),
  9. photocopy of diploma on acquired education (translated into English)
  10. several photos in a family environment with children in the form of a collage (JPEG format),
  11. a photocopy of the passport that is valid for a minimum of 18 months from the date of filling out the application.

The J-1 visa allows AU PAIR program participants to travel and work legally in the United States throughout the year. The use of the AU PAIR program can be for one year with the possibility of extension for an additional 6, 9 or 12 months. After that, every AU PAIR girl is entitled to one month of travel throughout the United States.


DS-2019 is a document provided by AU PAIR agency from the USA with which we cooperate. This document allows the candidate to be a participant in the program, go for a visa and get a J1 visa. It contains information about the organizer of the program (AU PAIR agency), the duration of the program, as well as basic information about the participant. Upon obtaining a visa, a participant in the AU PAIR cultural exchange program is required to take this document with him or her to the United States. DS-2019 must be signed and must be kept during the trip and stay in the US as well as the visa. Your visa is not valid without this form. The DS-2019 must be carried with the passport at all times during the program.

I-94 form

The I-94 form contains information on the date of entry and exit from the United States. It is completed by every non-US passenger entering the United States. The form indicates the length of stay and that date must match the date on the DS-2019 form, plus 30 additional days scheduled for travel.


SEVIS Student & Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is a system used to record and monitor participants in cultural exchange programs during their stay in the United States (J1 visa). All participants must register in the SEVIS program and this is mandatory to obtain a J-1 visa.


SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER SSN is a social security number required for legal work in the United States. This number was obtained after applying for the same in the offices of the Social Security Administration, upon arrival in America.

See a doctor! It is extremely important to visit a doctor before embarking on any journey, especially if you are staying in a foreign country for an extended period of time. Do extensive analyzes because even though you have health insurance in a foreign country, there are many items that are not subject to basic insurance, especially if you are not ill in a foreign country.

Check the documentation! We will help you and check all the documentation you need for the program. After obtaining a visa, you will have a lot of documentation, and that is why it is necessary to check carefully before the trip whether your passport, your DS form, SEVIS, health card are there.

Explore the place where you will stay! The HOST family will definitely show you the place where you will stay and take you to meet him, but like everyone, no one knows all the information about their city. Educate yourself, read where you are going. Maybe there is something in that city that interests you that you don’t want to miss, as well as something that you want to bypass at all costs.

Get an international driver’s license! The necessary documentation emphasizes that you get an international driver’s license because in America you will use a lot of cars from your family when transporting children to school, training and so on. In AMSS you can inquire about the places, the way and the price of the same.

Restore English! We don’t have to stress to you that you are going to an American family. Of course, you are not expected to speak like the average American, but the more effort you put into your English before you go to America, the easier it will be for you to master it afterwards. English is very widespread and there is no need to emphasize how important it can be to you, so think about your future and work on yourself.

Families in the United States can have different profiles. These are mostly families with two to four children under the age of 10. The United States is a multiethnic environment, so it is possible that you will be in families that are American citizens, but it does not mean that they are of the same ethnicity. All families must be fluent in English. Remember that both parties must agree before you go to the family, it is extremely important that you like the family, and that you like them. However, this does not preclude the possibility of potential disagreements that may occur. An AU PAIR representative will be at your disposal at all times, visiting you to ensure that everything is in order. The AU PAIR agency has representatives across the United States who are able to reach the HOST family within an hour. If the disagreement between the family and the AU PAIR girl cannot be resolved, a new HOST family will be sought on the spot. You should definitely stand behind your choice, and try to achieve the best possible communication with your Host family. You will become a part of their everyday life, so do not doubt that they will give you a lot of their time to make you feel accepted and to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


One of the most important moments of finding a suitable family is the interview with the same. Of course, all the necessary documentation, driver’s license, work experience and babysitting is really important, and is one of the most important factors, but sometimes, despite your good qualifications, it happens that you are not accepted into the desired HOST family because of the interview. HOST families are the ones who choose whether to talk to you. After the application is completed, the family will contact you for a telephone conversation. American Adventure agents are here to prepare you to the maximum for such a conversation. First of all, you need to be relaxed, without fear, charismatic and open in conversation. Talking to a potential family is a unique opportunity for you, especially when you can find out everything you need to know about the HOST family. These are people with whom you need to spend a year “under the same roof” and it is quite normal that you want to ask them everything, and to have a nice conversation with them. Avoid questions about nationality, sexual orientation or politics. Also avoid answering questions with “yes” or “no”. Please note, this should be a normal family conversation because you will be a part of it.


  1. To provide an air ticket in both directions for the program participant,
  2. to provide and fund an optional course at one of the local universities,
  3. to provide food and accommodation adapted to the conditions in which the family itself lives,
  4. to accept the candidate as part of his daily life and treat him as part of the family,
  5. to provide an annual allowance of $ 10,000,
  6. to provide two weeks of annual leave after 6 months of work,
  7. to provide health insurance,
  8. to provide the AU PAIR candidate with a free weekend at least once a month.


  1. The Au Pair candidate should take care of his behavior, the way he dresses, he should show affection for children, attention and care, but also authority,
  2. take care of children the most while parents are at work, to save children snacks when needed,
  3. to help children with some additional activities, to coexist with their way of life and to try to adapt to the maximum,
  4. to make sure that children’s rooms remain tidy and tidy,
  5. to take care of personal hygiene and the hygiene of the room in which you stay,
  6. to respect and adhere to all contractual obligations,
  7. to attend an online childcare orientation in America,
  8. to regularly attend a course of your choice financed by the family in which you are staying.

au pair

If you want to change the environment in which you currently live, to get to know a new culture, to give yourself a chance for a new work experience, AU PAIR is the program for you.

The family you choose for yourself will give you a chance to study at one of the American universities, to get to know their everyday life and way of life, to create work habits, and to prepare for your future family. The program also offers you a month of travel throughout America at the end of your work where you have the opportunity to visit the most attractive parts of America, as well as its imposing cities.

  1. YOU IN AMERICA: This is a unique opportunity to visit one of the most influential and developed countries in the world. There is a saying “A man is worth as much as the state visits!” We want you to live in that spirit, in your adventure. Above all, this is a great opportunity to get to know not only one different culture, but several of them.
  2. YOU AND THE FAMILY: The AU PAIR program is a child care program. The rhythm of life in the 21st century is extremely dynamic, which is why there is a need to employ people of trust who are able to take care of the youngest generations. This is an opportunity to see yourself and your family in the future, to see what you should and should not do, to experience what it is like to take care of someone who is not ready for it yet. Soak up every second with children and family, there is a lot you can learn from children, caring for them and living with a different family.
  3. WORK HABIT: This is an opportunity for your independence. In addition to teaching you what it looks like to take care of others, and to adapt to a different cultural environment, this program is also a test for you. You will be rewarded weekly for your work in the form of a mandatory pocket money that your family will give you. For many of you, this will be the first money earned solely through your hard work and commitment. Think about how you are going to spend it.
  4. EDUCATION: One of the prerequisites for this program is your solid knowledge of English. A year spent in a family where English is spoken will surely significantly increase your knowledge of this language and conversation in it. Also, the family will provide you with a course at one of the nearby colleges. We have no doubt that the fact that you have a type of training abroad will look great in your biography.
  5. INDEPENDENCE: in those years you are still quite dependent on your family, friends, environment. Of course, we don’t think that’s a bad thing, but this program will give you the opportunity to mature primarily as a person, to be a little more mature, and a little more flexible in terms of your future. You never know in which country you can become a successful business person and how important this experience will really be to you.