The action continues! 90% discount on early check-in!

Dear students,

The month of November and the American Adventure Team bring you new discounts on the old price of the W&T program. The current discount this month is a 90% discount on the dinar part of the program, ie on the application for the program. If you decide to trust us and go on an adventure with us, you have the opportunity to save 90% on early check-in and instead of 7000RSD, pay only 700rsd. So, the amount of the first installment in this case would be 700 RSD and $ 200 in dinar equivalent. The discount lasts until the end of November, ie as long as there are vacancies on the program.

  • The best locations in the USA
  • The old price of the program still
  • Pay the program in monthly installments without interest
  • Repay part of the program from the USA
  • If you do not receive a visa, we retain $ 0
  • Secure the program
  • Win a free program
  • Interest-free student loans
  • Free English classes / simulation of conversations with the employer and the consul
  • Group discount, family discount …. and many other benefits!


  • By applying earlier, the candidate gets various discounts;
  • By applying earlier, the candidate has more time to gather the necessary documentation;
  • By applying earlier, the candidate has a greater choice of jobs;
  • By applying earlier, the candidate has the opportunity to pay for the program in installments;
  • By registering earlier, the candidate can buy an air ticket earlier and thus save up to EUR 200, depending on the location in the USA;
  • By applying earlier, the candidate has time to improve his / her English language before starting the program;
  • By applying earlier, the candidate secures his / her appointment in time at the USA Embassy in Belgrade;
  • By applying earlier, the candidate secures participation for the program because the number of participants at the global level (worldwide level) is LIMITED.


Save money, get yourself a new W&T adventure at the old price and sign up now to choose the best job offer for you. Remember that the number of candidates is limited, so contact us as soon as possible to take your place on time.

The American Adventure Team is waiting for you!