Denver is the capital and the most populous city of Colorado. The state was named for the Colorado River, which Spanish travelers named the Río Colorado for the ruddy. Colorado is a state in the United States encompassing most of the Southern Rocky Mountains. Colorado is the 8th most extensive and the 22nd most populous of the 50 United States. You’ll find many places to enjoy Colorado’s vast natural beauty. There are four national parks, eight national monuments, 42 state parks and many other natural attractions waiting to be explored. Wherever you go in Colorado, have your camera ready for pictures of the postcard-perfect beauty. Source:



The historic Town of Georgetown is the Territorial Charter Municipality that is the county seat of Clear Creek County, Colorado, United States. The former silver mining camp along Clear Creek in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains was established in 1959 during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush. The federally designated Georgetown-Silver Plume Historic District comprises Georgetown, the neighboring town of Silver Plume, and the Georgetown Loop Historic Mining & Railroad Park between the two towns. The town population was 1.034 at the 2010 census. The town sits at an elevation of 8,530 feet (2,600 m) above sea level, nestled in the mountains near the upper end of the valley of Clear Creek in the mountains west of Denver along Interstate 70. Although a small town today, the town was a historic center of the mining industry in Colorado during the late 19th century, earning the nickname the "Silver Queen of Colorado". It has evolved into a lively historical summer tourist center today with many preserved structures from the heyday of the Colorado Silver Boom.  The town stretches roughly north-south along Clear Creek, hemmed in by the mountains, with the historic downtown located at the southern (upper) end and modern development located at the northern (lower) end of town. The small town of Georgetown, CO was established in 1859 during the Gold Rush, similar to it’s neighboring city Idaho Springs. The town is located approximately 8,530 feet above sea level along I-70. You will most likely pass this town if you are heading up to the ski resorts from Denver. Georgetown has a total population of just over 1,000 people, so it truly is considered a “small town”. However, although it is a small town, it is still a great place to stop and have a day visit. There are many small craft shops and restaurants that can be enjoyed for anyone either heading up to the mountains or down to Denver. Georgetown’s Loop Railroad is one of the best things to do in this adorable small town. It is the best way to view all of the historical parts of the town. Some of the stops include: Devil’s Gate Station, Lebanon Tunnel, and the Silver Plume Depot. You can also incorporate a mine tour into your railroad adventure.,_Colorado









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Daily duties: cleaning hotel rooms.

Accomodation: Yes, employer will provide FREE housing.

Gender: male female

Salary: $10/h

Overtime: YES

Start date: 06/01/2018 - 06/15/2018

End date: 09/25/2018 - 10/07/2018

Estimated h/week: 40+

English rate: 7

Attention: stay till late Sept.