South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is full of vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, expert-caliber golf courses and so much more. Southern hospitality is ingrained in every city, small town and front porch. Locals welcome tourists with open arms and a glass of sweet tea. The views along the coast are breathtaking — from Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head, the soft sand and ocean waves reveal little slices of Southern paradise. With more than 200 miles of sunny beaches and coastal communities packed with top-notch dining, entertainment and Southern hospitality, South Carolina is the perfect place for romantic getaways or family-friendly vacations. Source:


Myrtle Beach

According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 23.55 square miles (61.0 km2). The coastal location of Myrtle Beach mitigates summer heat somewhat compared to inland areas of South Carolina. The warm Atlantic Ocean reaches 80 °F or higher in the summer months off Myrtle Beach, making for warm and sultry summer nights. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is nestled along the beautiful coast on the Atlantic Ocean and is packed with family attractions, exciting theater shows and endless restaurants serving up almost anything you can imagine. It’s no wonder we get over 14 million visitors annually. Source:,_South_Carolina






South Carolina


Myrtle Beach

Business type:

Kitchen helper, server, hostess, busser





Seafood House

Kitchen helper: Prepare a variety of food items for cooking. Retrieve food items from the fridge or freezer. Wash, peel, and/or cut food items, including fruits, vegetables, or certain types of meats. Mix ingredients for salads. Portion or wrap food items or dishes. Store food in containers and in the fridge or freezer. Re-fill kitchen condiment bottles and shakers. Wipe down kitchen surfaces using proper sanitizers. Carry out additional duties than those listed here. A kitchen helper sweeps and mops floors, and washes work tables, cutting blocks and boards, refrigerators, walls and any other surfaces. Separates recyclables from garbage, then removes all this waste material and places it outside in appropriate containers; also cleans the kitchen garbage cans at least once daily.

Server: Seeking a friendly Restaurant Server who can deliver excellent customer service while memorizing our menu and daily specials. The Server will be responsible for taking food and drink orders from customers, and then delivering those orders to the proper people in the kitchen or the bar. If you have previous experience as a Server in a popular restaurant and a dedication to providing excellent service to customers.

Hostess: Greets and seats guests, presents menus to guests, informs them of special catch and soups. Treats all guests in a manner to ensure their complete satisfaction. Always strives to exceed guests' expectations. Takes names on a waiting list. Observes tables and keeps track of clean, dirty and occupied tables. Interacts with guests as they arrive and as they leave the restaurant to ensure positive dining experience. Performs other duties as directed.

Busser: A busser works closely with the rest of the restaurant staff to ensure the restaurant’s smooth operation. The wait staff and bartenders especially need the busser’s help in cleaning tables after guests have left, bringing dirty dishes to the kitchen, resetting tables with clean dishware and refilling water glasses. At times, the busser may help the wait staff bring food to the table or help the bartender serve drinks, clean glasses or restock supplies. In general, a good busser is a jack-of-all-trades handy man who helps out wherever needed.

Accommodation: Town House Apt-$90 per week per person.

Housing deposit: $300

Gender: male female

Salary: Kitchen helper- $7.50, Server- $2.13 + tips, Hostess and busser- $7.25

Overtime: YES

Start date: 05/01/2018 - 05/30/2018

End date: 09/10/2018 - 10/15/2018

Estimated h/week: 32 minimum