Augusta is the capital of the state of Maine. A scenic seacoast, beaches, lakes, mountains, and resorts make Maine a popular vacationland. There are more than 2,500 lakes and 5,000 streams, plus more than 30 state parks to attract hunters, fishermen, skiers, and campers. Major points of interest are Bar Harbor, Acadia National Park, Allagash National Wilderness Waterway, the Wadsworth - Longfellow House... The state of Maine, nicknamed Vacationland, is more than a destination – it’s an experience that will take your breath away. They find inspiration in the natural world to incorporate into their everyday activities – from the straightforward preparation of the perfect lobster roll to the world-renowned craftsmanship of their boats. Source:


Southwest Harbor

Southwest Harbor, Maine, is located just west of the southern entrance to Somes Sound on Mount Desert Island in Hancock County. It is the largest municipality on the southwestern “quiet side” of the island. The town has some great shops, galleries and eateries worth checking out. Many people choose to stay here during their visit to Acadia National Park for its more relaxed pace and for the many excellent accommodation options available from single home vacation rentals to bed & breakfasts and inns. Access to the offshore islands by boat can be found here as well. The approximate population is 1,764 (per year 2010 census - 2000 census was 1,966) and it encompasses 8,884 acres or 22.69 sq. miles (58.77 km2). One of the more picturesque sections is in Manset where you have a distant view of Bear Island Lighthouse, Sutton Island, Little & Great Cranberry Islands, and the open ocean. For many years, it was thought that the first known visitors to Mount Desert Island were the Abnaki Indians who would cross over to the island from the mainland to fish and collect berries and shellfish (there was no bridge then as there is today). However, recently excavations and carbon dating has verified that the “Red Paint People” were living on the island as far back as 4,000 BC! The first settlement on the island by a person of European descent was created by Abraham Somes, a sailor/fisherman from Massachusetts, at the northern shore of Somes Sound in 1761. The first steamboat wharves and hotels on Mount Desert Island were built in Southwest Harbor in order to be closer to the entrance to Somes Sound. When you look out into the harbor you will see the Bear Island Lighthouse. This marks the southern entrance to Somes Sound. Source:








Southwest Harbor

Business type:






Housekeeping, Bussing

Cleaning rooms, cottages and common areas. Carrying laundry.
Waiting tables at breakfast, bussing at dinner.

Housing: $110 per week. Housing deposit is $220.
One meal per day provided.

Gender: female

Salary: $9.00

Overtime: YES

Start date: 06/05/2018 - 06/12/2018

End date: 09/30/2018 - 10/13/2018

Estimated h/week: 35