South Dakota

South Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. Pierre is the state capital and Sioux Falls, with a population of about 171,000, is South Dakota's largest city. South Dakota has a continental climate with four distinct seasons, ranging from cold, dry winters to hot and semi-humid summers. During the summers, the average high temperature throughout the state is often close to 32 °C. Fishing and hunting are both popular outdoor activities in South Dakota. Other sports, such as cycling and running, are also popular in the state. Source:



Pierre is a small Midwestern city of about 14,000. The seat of Hughes County as well as the state capital, it is a friendly community whose tree-lined streets, historic downtown and lush green parks give way to rolling hills and steep bluffs as the county spreads east into the state’s expansive plains. Founded in 1880 on the east bank of the Missouri River opposite Fort Pierre, Pierre has been the state capital since South Dakota gained statehood on November 2, 1889. It was chosen for its location in the geographic center of the state. Fort Pierre was named after Pierre Chouteau, Jr., a major American fur trader from St. Louis, Missouri who was of colonial French origin. Source :,_South_Dakota






South Dakota



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Housekeepers | Front desk

Daily duties: Students will work in a hotel as a housekeepers. The employer also offers a chance to get front desk shifts for those students who have very good English speaking and writing skills; are polite, friendly and communicative. There are two locations where students will work.
Accommodation: Students can live in the hotel, one room 100 per week.
Number of students: 6
If employees work overtime, they get paid 1,5.
Hiring type: Skype interview
Accept friends: Yes

Gender: female

Salary: $11.00

Overtime: YES

Start date: 05/09/2022 - 06/15/2022

End date: 09/01/2022 - 09/30/2022

Estimated h/week: 32+

English rate: 6
Attention: Basic English, hard working, prefers females. Girls to start from June (stay till the end of September) 4 to start in May, 4 to start in June and stay longer.
Requirements: Hard working, able to lift 25 pounds, basic English is required.