The Lifeguard program provides students with an unforgettable experience working in swimming pools. Many years of commitment and experience of our company will allow you to apply and get a J1 SWT visa in a well-organized way, secure employment and prepare for a fantastic summer at the pools in the USA.

PROGRAM PRICE: $ 1129 + $ 390 medical insurance



Here you can download the Lifeguards SUMMER 2021 MANUAL

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While on duty, all PPM (Premier Pool Management) rescuers must perform the following:

  • Maintaining the safety of the pool at all times
  • Maintenance of filtration systems and chemicals in the pool
  • Maintaining cleanliness around the pool and toilets
  • Entry control
  • Providing services to pool users


Training duration: 2-3 days

Upon arrival, all candidates must undergo Rescuer training, first aid, and artificial respiration by a professional American Red Cross certified instructor.

Training price: $ 200- $ 250

Certificate renewal fee: $ 100 for those whose certificate has expired

Training requirements:

  • Swimming 300m freestyle and breaststroke
  • Carrying a brick weighing 5kg with a depth of 3m, swimming with it about 20m away from the edge of the pool, as well as getting out of the pool without assistance
  • Taking a written test and an aptitude test, for which they will prepare during the training


  • Regular hourly rate (first 40 hours during the work week): $ 11.5 per hour
  • Overtime (possible at most locations): $ 17.25 per hour
  • Payment every two weeks, a minimum of 40 working hours per week during the season is guaranteed (May 26 – September 3)
  • Bonus at the end of the season

Employees must meet the following requirements to receive a $ 150 bonus at the end of the season:

  • Positive impressions from the supervisor’s report
  • Minimum 400 hours of working time during the season
  • Work until, and including, September 3, 2021.
  • Arrival at the PPM office by June 2, 2021.
  • Training conducted with PPM


PPM operates pools in Washington, DC, Virginia and other parts of Maryland. The facilities are located 15 minutes drive away. Accommodation will be provided by the PPM upon completion of the rescuer training. All students from abroad must stay in accommodation provided by PPM.

Accommodation description:

– 4-6 employees in two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments

– Apartments are partially furnished with all kitchen appliances necessary for food storage (food is not provided by PPM)

– All candidates must have advanced knowledge of English in order to remain employed in Premier Pool Management (PPM).

– All students must come to the PPM office (12339 Carroll Avenue, Rockville, MD 20852) from Monday to Friday (not valid for public holidays) between 09:00 and 15:00 in order for all documentation to be sorted out. All arrivals must be confirmed with PPM.

Overhead: local telephone, wireless Internet, water and electricity (overhead costs are included in the rental price). Excess overheads are deducted from the deposit. Employees must provide their own bedding and cosmetics.

Accommodation price: $ 139 per week

Deposit: $ 225 can be paid in advance or deducted from the first salary ($ 150 is refunded at the end of the season if the apartment is in good condition at the discretion of the PPM manager. Students, in groups, are responsible for any damage done to the accommodation.)


All employees must wear a uniform during working hours.

Uniform price: $ 85 (can be paid in advance or deducted from the first salary)


Most pools can be reached on foot. In some cases, bicycles are used or it is necessary to use public transport.

Monthly bike rental price: $ 50 or more

Price of public transportation: $ 17.5 weekly bus ticket, $ 60 for unlimited subway use.

If a company vehicle is provided, applicants must hold a valid international driver’s license and must pay for their own gasoline.