Radujemo se što možemo da Vam predstavimo ONLINE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM koji je nastao kao proizvod iz celokupne situacije u svetu oko virusa COVID-19!


We are looking forward to presenting you the ONLINE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM that was created as a product of the overall situation in the world around the COVID-19 virus!


This program is a cultural exchange program intended for all people over the age of 18 and provides an opportunity to gain invaluable work experience without having to travel anywhere and be exposed to the cost of living in a foreign country. Placements for virtual internships will take place in small to medium-sized companies legally established in the United States. The duration of the Online internship program is from 3-6 months (part-time or full-time working hours) depending on the capabilities of the candidate / University.



To participate in the Online Internship program you need:

  1. To be 18 and older
  2. Very good knowledge of English – minimum B2 level (knowledge test will be at the very beginning of the program)
  3. Internet access provided – 10Mbs
  4. A computer with a webcam is provided for online meetings.


The program is divided into steps that are a guide for successful implementation!

  1. English language test you take with us
  2. Submission of a CV document with a picture in English
  3. Cover letter
  4. Video
  5. Pictures
  6. Portfolio
  7. Deposit payment in the amount of $ 500
  8. Finding a suitable job and employer (Skype Interview)
  9. Payment of the rest of the program after the found job of $ 1100
  10. Orientation
  11. Meeting the first week of work to make sure everything goes according to plan
  12. Webinars – once a month
  13. Reports
  14. Certificate you receive at the end of the Virtual Internship Program
  15. Bonuses you receive at the very end of the program.

1) Connecting with other students around the world during the program-NETWORKING

2) Improving knowledge and understanding of the American method of teleworking

3) Enrich your business profile (CV) by citing work experience in a company in the USA

4) Improving opportunities for further employment in the future based on newly acquired experience

5) Improving and working on skills such as: responsibility, time management, independence, project management, etc.

6) Regular practice and improvement of the English language

7) Gain international experience and avoid the costs of sightseeing, travel, medical insurance and generally costs in the United States

8) Bonuses received at the end of the program and calculated on a monthly basis ($ 100 for part time work – 20 hours per week and $ 200 for full time work – 40 hours per week).

1) An efficient solution for finding professional practice programs for your students

2) Improving, RANKING STUDENTS in the labor market

3) Academic monitoring through reports and direct communication with US companies

4) Flexible start dates of virtual practice – twice a month

5) Faster processing time – 3 months

6) Unhindered performance of all tasks and attending classes at the faculty of participants in this program

7) Covering a wide range from different directions and areas

8) Virtual internships take place in small and medium-sized legal companies in the United States

9) Active monitoring of the entire program by the sponsoring agency to ensure that everything runs smoothly

10) Facilitate universities academic monitoring and direct liaison with employers in the United States

11) Participation of University coordinators for professional practice in webinars

12) Possibility of networking with other coordinators and Universities from other countries

13) Active participation of the University in webinars is allowed.