The Last Frontier – Healy, Alaska – OPEN NOW

The Last Frontier – HEALY, Alaska – OPEN NOW!!!

Location – HEALY, ALASKA

We are looking for: 8 students

Type of job: Summer Resort with a Restaurant, Hotel, Gift Shop, Golf Course, and Tours
Job positions: Hospitality Crew/ Guide (4) , Front desk (2 ) , Dishwashers (2)
Wages: Room Attendant – $9,80 + tips
Estimated hours/week: 40
Start date: 05/05/2017 – 05/31/2017
End date: 08/17/2017 – 09/21/2017

Job description:

Almost all of the Employees that have come through Black Diamond tell me how different and refreshing it was to work with us. No matter how experienced I think you can gain something wonderful from working for us. We offer a cultural environment, not just for the J1 students but also for us as a business, other employees, and the community. We all benefit from this opportunity as people from all over the world come to live and work and travel like a local for a few months in Alaska. Working for us is a great opportunity to learning more about other cultures and perspectives and make lifelong friends. Our jobs are challenging and require a great deal of energy and devotion. We need self-motivated individuals. That have a high team player ethic and love people and adventure! We offer a real chance for them to improve there English, meet other Americans, and have a great experience outside of work with all the activities that are available such as rafting, flight seeing, fishing, hiking, golfing, and such. Hospitality Crew / Guide-Greeting guests, learning about the area so you can talk and entertain the guests, taking guests on guided tours, working outdoors. Salary $9.80 per hour plus tips Front desk-Greeting guests, taking reservations, operating the cash register, doing paperwork, cleaning the gift shop and front desk area. salary $9.80 dishwasher -Cleaning Dishes, Prepping Food, Washing Floors, Working with other Americans in a fun kitchen environment

Attention: Age 21 or older students/ Friendly and Fun, adventurous, outgoing, talkative, reliable.

Requirements: We have a great summer business in the heart of Alaska and we are looking for a great person to join us! We have a fantastic place located 10 miles from the Denali National Park Entrance. We have a very unique and fun business and are looking for adventurous, motivated people to join our team. We hire approximately 70 people each summer. We have a unique restaurant, a 9 hole golf course, mini golf course, horse drawn Covered wagon rides, and guided ATV tours. We have a very exciting business with a great working environment! If you are looking for a fun summer job, we are the right place! We have a very simple system where each person is assigned duties and then we basically expect it to happen. We check in on you a bit but we try to hire people who have great talent, (and basically don“t need to be monitored), are easy to work with and can work as a team. For dishwasher-English 5+, other positions 9-10

Accommodation: Individual homes that are fully furnished with full kitchens and living rooms and bathrooms. Two people per bedroom. Onsite housing, $15 a day It is set back away from the daily operation so you have an area that is private from the hustle and bustle of the business.

Food: housing has full kitchens. full meal plan-15usd/day or separate : breakfast 5 usd, lunch-5 usd, dinner-5 usd. Basic food provided such as pasta, rice, canned foods.

Transportation: The housing is located very close and is walking distance but it is much much nicer to have a car to get around Alaska in. Some people buy cheap cars if theyfly into Anchorage, some ride a bike to work, while others simply walk. You can also drive here