American Adventure is an agency with a long tradition that deals with numerous cultural exchange programs, the most famous of which is the Work and Travel USA program. It has been ten years since he introduced novelties in the offers on the Serbian market. Our program prices are always in line with the financial capabilities of students, and funding and insurance programs are evolving from year to year. We always look to meet the needs of our students and every year we provide various payment benefits, as well as various discounts on registration and the program itself. The personal experience of employees who were themselves participants in the program is a guarantee in terms of service quality and safety. Flexible to student requirements, American Adventure is the right choice for people who don’t want to take risks. ADVENTURE BEGINS WITH US is our slogan, but we create and repeat them together!

The Business Registers Agency and the Tourism Register have issued a decision on issuing a license number OTP 42/2020 for the organization of tourist trips to the Tourism Company American Adventure d.o.o.

In addition to the OTP license 42/2020, American Adventure d.o.o. is a member of WISE TRAVEL CONFEDERATION, a renowned World Association of Youth Travel Agencies. This association has over 700 members from 120 countries around the world.


The safety of our passengers is at the highest possible level. Insurance company SAVA INSURANCE AD takes care of every passenger who is insured through us. If there is a need for medical care, a network of clinics and doctors from around the world is at our service.

In addition to passenger insurance, we place great emphasis on the insurance of the business itself. Liability and insolvency insurance policies amounting to EUR 250,000 are a guarantee that the trips will be realized according to the general conditions of the trip.