The Commonwealth of Virginia is a state in the South of the United States of America. The state was one of the original thirteen British colonies and is the twelfth most populated state in the USA. The capital of the Commonwealth is Richmond and Virginia Beach is the most populous city. Virginia's culture was popularized and spread across America and the South by figures such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee. The climate of Virginia becomes increasingly warmer and more humid farther south and east. The Atlantic ocean has a strong effect on eastern and southeastern coastal areas of the state. Sources:

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Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is an independent city located in the U.S. state of Virginia. In 2015, the population was estimated to be 452,745. Although mostly suburban in character, it is the most populous city in Virginia and the 41st most populous city in the nation. Virginia Beach is a resort city with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, motels, and restaurants along its oceanfront. The city is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest pleasure beach in the world. It is located at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, the longest bridge-tunnel complex in the world.

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Virginia Beach

Business type:

Pizza and Dining





Server | cashier | busser

Regular waitress job, waiting on tables, taking orders, bringing food to the table, some cleaning, etc. Cooks/kitchen prep - help with food prep and cooking, pizza making Cashiers- serves ice cream, beverages, ring up customers, run cash register.
Accomodation: YES. Next to the Ocean. A house with 6 large bedrooms. ~$90 a week.
Food: Discounts on food on the shift.

Gender: male female

Salary: waitress $2.15 +tips, cashier $8.25, busser $8.00

Overtime: NO

Start date: 05/01/2019 - 05/20/2019

End date: 09/02/2019 - 09/30/2019

Estimated h/week: 32 - 40

Waitress 21+ years old preferred.
English rate: 7