Before leaving for the United States, each participant in the program received a job offer in his name with details about the employer, type of job, earnings, accommodation, etc.


The guaranteed lowest salary, according to American laws, is $ 7.25 per hour of work. Students’ salaries range from 7.25 to 15 USD / per hour of work. Students can expect to work about 35-45 hours a week. Program participants are also allowed to work overtime with their employer. Also, students have the opportunity and the right to, in addition to the job they get through the agency, find another job. In that case, they must keep in mind that their job, which they got through the agency, is in the first place and that we must not be endangered by another job. Most students use these opportunities, and in that way make more money. Employers pay salaries mostly after 14 or 30 working days.

Possible questions at the Embassy:

  1. What are you studying, which faculty?
  2. What year are you studying?
  3. Have you renewed the year?
  4. How many exams do you have left until the end of your studies?
  5. Where are you travelling to? (which city, state in USA)
  6. What do your parents do?
  7. Do you have a brother or sister? What do they do?
  8. Who is your employer in the US?
  9. What job will you be doing there?
  10. How much are you paid for that job?
  11. Do you have any special tourist locations in the United States that you intend to visit?
  12. Do you have relatives in the United States?
  13. Why are you going to the US (departure goals)?Note :

    A) When answering the above questions, one should leave the impression of a student whose main goals are to improve their English language skills, get acquainted with American culture and customs, as well as travel through America.

    B) When going to the embassy, it is desirable to look decent.

What is the easiest way to get an AIR TICKET?

It is true that you can get different prices for the same destination, even with the same airline. We will be happy to share the skill of you to get the best price for transportation with you. We introduce you to the prices of transportation for certain destinations. Before you decide on an agency that will provide your air transportation, compare them with our offer.

Health Insurance

All W&T program participants must have health insurance during their stay in the United States. We, in cooperation with a partner from the USA, provide International Health Insurance that covers the costs of providing health services up to the amount of USD 300,000. Each student receives, before starting the program, information with instructions on how to use and which health services are covered by this insurance. The price of insurance is included in the price of the program.

Where are jobs usually located in the US?

Jobs are located in resorts and tourist centers across the United States. All the jobs we offer are jobs that are not related to the center of big cities, but are located in tourist areas.

What types of jobs can I expect?

The W&T program provides students with simple seasonal jobs in tourist centers, amusement and national parks, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and stores throughout the United States. These are jobs that, during the summer months, are performed by American students as well as students from other countries who came to the United States on the same or a similar program. Program participants are required to be responsible, serious and flexible. It is important to point out that the LIST OF POSSIBLE JOBS is updated daily and is available to every student-candidate for inclusion in the program.

What is a JOB OFFER?

Students admitted to the program are GUARANTEED JOBS in the USA. Before starting the program, each student received a job offer – Job Offer, which will indicate the name of the employer, the job that the student will do, working hours, hourly wages, accommodation conditions, the distance of the place where the student will work. By signing the Job Offer, the student officially accepts the job offer and all rights and obligations arising from it. The duration of the Job Offer is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 months.

When did you get a job offer?

Before leaving for the United States, each participant in the program received a job offer in their name with details about the employer, type of job, earnings, accommodation, etc.

What is the price of accommodation?

The price of accommodation depends on the employer. The average cost of accommodation is 0 -250USD per week.

Is accommodation provided?

In the work offer, each participant in the program, individually, is given information about the conditions and manner of accommodation. Accommodation includes secured rooms with the use of a bathroom, and sometimes the use of a kitchen. Modest accommodation, as this program implies, does not provide TVs, air conditioners, etc. Accommodation is paid by students and is not included in the price of the program.

I’ve been to the program once before, can I go again?

Yes, if you returned to the country before your J-1 visa expired and continued to take exams regularly.

Can I travel outside the United States in the fifth month?

Not. The fifth month is exclusively intended for travel across America.

Can I travel and work for the same employer with another friend?

Yes. A friend, brother / sister or boyfriend / girlfriend can travel together and be employed by the same employer. What can be a problem for couples is that they are accommodated in separate rooms because employers and landlords take great care that girls are with girls and boys with boys in the same room. It is also not certain whether you will get a job in the same position as the person you are travelling with and whether, when you get there, you will have the same work schedule (you may work different days and shifts). This all depends exclusively on the employer and the agreement with him, so you can ask him many things at the interview and solve the dilemma.

Can I work in the fifth month?

Not. You can work for a maximum of 4 months, and in the fifth month you can only travel.

What if I don’t like the job or have problems with the employer?

First, talk to your employer. Often problems arise due to lack of communication. If you are not able to solve the problem yourself, you must call the sponsoring agency for assistance.

Can I voluntarily leave the job provided to me by the Sponsorship Agency?

No, because thanks to that employer you got a job, accommodation and a DS-2019 document based on when you got a J-1 visa.

If I change my address and employer in the US, do I have to register with SEVIS and report the change?

Yes, any change of address in the US must be reported through SEVIS via a web site or telephone.

What if I don’t get a Social Security Number – SSN?

If you do not receive an SSN after 6 weeks, call the Social Security Administration at toll-free 1-800-772-1213. Have ready, at hand, your certificate of application for SSN – Social Securty Receipt. If you applied for SSN and did not receive it, you have the right to work and receive a salary. If you have additional questions, contact the sponsoring agency.

Can a J-1 visa be extended?


What type of visa did you get?

W&T program participants receive a J-1 visa and can work in the United States for a maximum of 4 months and then travel for 1 month.

What is SEVIS? / Student and Exchange Visitor Information System SEVIS /

SEVIS is a US government computer system that collects and processes data on foreign students coming to the United States for cultural exchange programs. All program participants must register with the SEVIS system within 10 days of entering the United States.

What is a Social Security Number – SSN?

SSN is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, and U.S. temporary workers. The SSN is issued through the Social Security Administration. The primary purpose of SSN is to monitor tax revenues. Over time, it also became a National Identification Number. Students participating in the Work & Travel program must apply for SSN upon arrival in the United States.
You will apply for a SSN at your local social security office. When applying, you must submit the following original documents:
• Passport with J-1 visa
• Work offer form with employer data
• DS-2019 form
• I-94 form (you receive instructions from us; the site where you fill in the information on entering and leaving the USA. When you fill in the date of entry, you print that completed form).
Remember that it is necessary to contact the agency in the USA within 48 hours after arriving in the country. Until the agency registers you, you do not have a valid status and your application for SSN cannot be processed. Delayed registration with the U.S. Sponsorship Agency may delay obtaining an SSN.

What is DS 2019?

DS 2019 form-provided by the program sponsor.
After accepting the program and confirming the accommodation, the sponsoring agency from the USA provides you with the DS 2019 form. DS 2019 is a “Certificate of student exchange at J-1 status” accepted by the United States. The form indicates your program sponsor, the goal of the program and contains the exact dates within which you are allowed to work, the details of the employer, as well as the start and end dates. Any deviation from these dates may result in program interruption and denial of the DS 2019 form.

Can I do more work?

Yes, the visa you will receive (J1 visa) allows you to do multiple jobs at the same time.