1. Check-in

    The American Adventure team is here to fulfill your desire to participate in the Work and Travel program.

    Fill in the APPLICATION carefully (click here). Your personal program coordinator will contact you and forward you:

    W&T Informator – it’s always a good idea to check and check if you have all the necessary information about the program.

    Contract and Statement of Responsibility – it is always good to know your rights and obligations. READ, SIGN AND DELIVER TO THE COORDINATOR.

    CV forms – fill in and forward to the coordinator. We give you tips for compiling a good CV.

    Payment slips – pay the registration fee and the first installment.

  2. Documentation

    It is NECESSARY to submit the necessary documentation immediately upon application to the program in order to begin the next step.

  3.  A job

    Since you have provided us with an excellent CV, let’s work together to find you a job.

    All job offers can be found here.

    Wait for your employer to select you and schedule an interview.

    We will help you prepare to show yourself in the best possible light!

    We wish you a lot of success!

  4. Sighting process

    Did you find a job? It’s time to pay the second installment. Pay a $ 160 interview fee to the U.S. Embassy.

    Our agents will explain the procedure to you.

    You pay the third installment after receiving the documentation for the visa (DS 2019), and no later than May 1 2021.

    It’s time to aim! Submit the rest of the documentation.

    A smile on your face, we are here to help you!

  5. Departure

    Now your departure is definitely approaching. All you have left is:

    To find out in detail about life, laws, rights and obligations during your stay in the United States. It is MANDATORY to attend a large orientation meeting where you get all the necessary information!

    Buy a plane ticket.

    Pack up! Have a nice flight and stay in the USA!