South Dakota

Kind, responsible, punctual.

South Dakota is too beautiful! Small tourist places (Deadwood, Sturgis, Wall) in the center of Lakota, American-Indian beautiful culture, beautiful nature. Another job can be easily found. In August, pay special attention to the Sturgis festival! I was supposed to be in the Wall first, but at the airport when they met me they told me to go to Deadwood, and not far from the Wall. They were constantly changing my working hours and I couldn’t find another job for the first month because of that. They called me from the State Department to check if everything was OK. The first two weeks of August we were in Sturgis, which is a really cool place, a lot of banter “to see once in a lifetime”, and then after 3 days I was transferred to the Wall. Now, Wall is the smallest place of these three mentioned, but it was the most beautiful for me there, because I made a lot of American friends, a lot of wonderful company, found another job in a restaurant and I would really like to go back there, because Badlands is national. park next door – breathtaking! <3

Hours: 8.5. Hours per week: 36. Employer description: The employer owns 3 shops with colorful names in 3 locations in Wall, Deadwood, and during the Sturgess Fest, they work in Sturgis for 2 weeks. The job position included replenishing the shop, cleaning, charging customers, etc., and during the incredible Sturgis Festival in August we worked harder, but it paid off because we saw absolutely everything on the streets – both what is needed and what is not needed (I will not go into more details about this, Google people, it will be clear to you: D). It is interesting because many people come during the season, so it is possible to meet everyone. Especially when the Indians come in with all the costumes, it’s priceless 🙂 I didn’t get packs like everyone else, but cash on hand. They counted 6 hours 6 days a week for me, and 12, 13 hours during the Sturgess Festival. From the end of August to the end of September, I worked 8 to 10 hours because they had no one else but me there. In the end, I had no proof of how much I worked, so I had difficulty getting a tax refund. The bosses let me run the store alone for a month while they were in Florida! 😀