The DS-2019 form is provided by the program sponsor. Upon acceptance of the program, confirmation of employment and confirmation of accommodation, the sponsoring agency from the USA provides you with the DS 2019 form.

DS 2019 is a “Certificate of student exchange on J-1 status” accepted by the US government. The form identifies your program sponsor, contains the contact person from the Sponsorship Agency who is responsible for you during the program, the goal of the program and contains the exact dates of the time you are allowed to work, employer information, and start and end dates. This form of course contains your basic information such as date of birth, name, surname, place of birth, gender…. Any incorrect information on this form can cause unnecessary complications.

In short:

  • You cannot get a J1 visa without the DS-2019 form
  • A visa allows you to enter the United States, but DS-2019 is your guarantor for maintaining legal status in the J1 program.
  • Start and End dates indicate the dates on which you can work in the United States.
  • The N00 number is also your SEVIS number (IMPORTANT).
  • DS-2019 must be taken WITH YOU along with your passport and additional documentation when you go to the USA.