The form of the CV is adapted to all students of different educations. This is a very important first step in introducing yourself to an employer! At the very beginning of the program, you send us your CV in ENGLISH. You fill it out in electronic form (we will send you all the guidelines and links by e-mail).

Here are some tips for your personal promotion:

  1. Personal data: make sure you specify the email address as well as the Skype ID. Letter errors in this data can cause you great trouble getting the job you want!
    Pay attention to the date when you are available for work, check your schedule at the faculty!
    The picture must be cultural, nice with a white background! The pictures from the night life are interesting but not for this occasion!
  2. Work experience: Do not hesitate to put your previous work experience, no matter how irrelevant in your opinion! You are a student after all and you are not expected to have several years of work experience in any field!
  3. Knowledge of English language:Don’t be modest, don’t underestimate yourself! Maybe you just need a little reminder.
  4.  Hobbies: Since most beginners and students do not have too much work experience when looking for a job, it is very useful to list special hobbies or knowledge that you have that are not visible from the previous data.

Your advertisement to a potential employer ends here. All in all, you have to understand that this is a document that should present you in the best light and that the one who doesn’t know you, wants to meet you!