Required documentation for tax refund

Required documentation for tax refund

  • Copy of social card – SSN
  • Copy of the first page of the passport
  • A copy of the W-2 form or the last pay slip

At the end of the fiscal year, the employer is obliged by law to submit to its employees a report on the earned earnings and taxes paid, the so-called W-2 Form. As many employers as you had in the U.S., so do you have W-2 forms. The employer is required by law to send W-2 forms to employees no later than January 31 of the following year. W-2 forms are sent by regular mail. Before finishing work, be sure that you have left the correct address in Serbia for the employer.

If you do not receive the W-2 form, you can also get a tax refund with the last pay slip. Pay slip is a part of pay check that remains with you after cashing. The latest pay slip contains the same information as the W-2 form and for that reason it is very important to save the latest pay slips from all employers.

To get the W-2 form to the right address, it is important that you fill out the W-4 Form (W-4 Form) with all the required information when starting work with the employer. The most important is the address you specify in the W-4 form, as this will be the address to which your W-2 form will be sent.

Completed Easy Tax Store Tax Refund Application (PDF)

IRS Form 2848 (PDF)

Easy Tax Store Contract (PDF)

It is important to report all employers you have worked for in the US!

Upon return from the program you should have all the documents listed below required for a tax refund except the W-2 form. Based on the documents you have, a calculation of your tax can be made and you can immediately know how much the refund will be. The important thing to know is that the U.S. tax authorities open the tax season on January 15, which means that your tax cannot be filed before that date.