When you reach us, you can be sure that you will have the best options in terms of work and accommodation in one of your favorite destinations. We are among the leaders in cultural and educational exchange programs with the United States and have a long list of partner organizations representing employers.

So far, we have sent over 2,500 students to the United States, which makes us one of the best companies of its kind in Serbia.

“Adventure begins with us” – a recognizable logo for years.

Meet and socialize with students from all over the world
New culture and new acquaintances, make new friends

The program is primarily designed to meet new people and travel, to gain some work experience and with this program you will be able to afford it.

You will meet people from all over the world. During your stay in the USA, you will have the opportunity to get to know different cultures and customs, and you will give others the opportunity to learn something about you, your country, customs from our region and everything about Serbia.
The people you meet on this trip will surely be your friends for life. You will live together, work, overcome obstacles with the help of these new friends, because who would understand you better than those who feel the same as you?
You will support each other, in the moments when you feel nostalgia and fatigue, you will look for additional jobs together, and probably travel.

Traveling to America and getting to know a new culture and exploring a new world (continent, country )

Travel enthusiasts enjoy this program immensely, getting a unique opportunity to travel to new places, which most could not otherwise afford.

A list of some activities you can do while on this program:

  1. Visit museums, parks, historical sites,
  2.  Go to concerts and sporting events, theaters,
  3. Possibility to buy clothes and electronic devices at better prices than in Serbia,
  4. Try food that is specific to their culture (good barbecue, corn dog …),
  5. Get to know their holidays,
  6. Go camping,

Be a representative of our culture, introduce your employers to our customs, bring souvenirs for your new friends and of course the employer.

Choose jobs that you will enjoy, choose places that attract you (of course, if we have an offer, you can always apply).
Think about whether you want beaches, mountains, bigger cities, East America or maybe the West. Be sure to re-examine yourself for what you want.

Choose what makes you happy and enjoy your adventure.

Do you speak English?

This is something that will bring you well-being in many spheres of your life, in the future, mostly in relation to work, because we are all aware that the English language has become our everyday life as well. You will definitely experience a culture shock when you go to the program. You may find yourself in a place where you have to accept that no one speaks your language for the first time, but for every step you take, you will use only English. These are difficulties when speaking, but in time you break free and start thinking in English. When you get to this point you will realize the greatest benefits of this program.

You used to be able to do nothing all day, and then W&T?

Until now, a large number of students have not had the opportunity to do jobs that provide them with a livelihood, but they were jobs that they worked part-time. In contrast, this program includes full-time jobs. The program must be taken seriously in terms of work. These employers hired you because they really need more workers during the summer season and they relied on the workers who come through this program to help them successfully complete the season. Although these jobs are mostly unrelated to college, they create work habits, develop a sense of responsibility and team spirit. All these features will be useful to you in the future. After completing the program, you will surely appreciate your free time much more.

This job will also allow you to create a budget that will provide you with conditions for accommodation, food, travel, excursions, shopping …

You will pay off the program you have invested in and you will have an unforgettable summer.

Be independent

Have you lived alone so far?
For all those who have not had the opportunity to live independently, this is a unique opportunity to move towards that goal. It will be difficult for you at some moments, you will encounter problems and obstacles, but also in the end you will be proud that you solved it successfully and independently and made choices without consulting friends, parents … Only you will be responsible for your success!
For bigger and more complex problems, you will have the support of a sponsoring agency 24/7. You will have to take care of everything else yourself. This will definitely be a great experience for you later in life.