South Australia / Adelaide


is the fourth largest country in Australia with 1.64 million inhabitants. The largest percentage of the population lives in the capital Adelaide. South Australia is also known as the country of wine. The soil and climate of this part of Australia create ideal conditions for growing vines, so this is a paradise for wine lovers. The country is home to many cultures at the same time, over 300,000 inhabitants of this part of Australia were not born in Australia.

More than 40,000 years ago, Aboriginal people inhabited this area, and although a lot of time has passed since then, this is a country that has preserved most of Aboriginal culture and tradition. The territory that today represents this state remained a British colony in 1788 as part of the colony of New South Wales. In addition to the fact that the colony occupied two thirds of the continent of Australia, its eastern coast was the most populated, which is the case even today. Only 40 years have passed since the more serious settlement of this territory in modern times. The first inhabitants of South Australia settled Kangaroo Island in July 1836.

The main industry in South Australia is manufacturing. The main products are agricultural / horticultural products including wine.


is the capital of South Australia and is a civilized and peaceful city with about 1.2 million inhabitants. The city is divided into two parts separated by the Thorens River, Adelaide and North Adelaide. The city is surrounded by beautiful greenery, mountains and beaches which makes a fantastic landscape. It is best known for its exceptional wine, which is world famous. Adelaide is a city where the Aboriginal culture has left the strongest influence, so this is the place where you can learn the most about the oldest civilization in Australia. Adelaide is surrounded by parks, historic buildings, wide streets, various cafes and as such, a quiet town, is the total opposite of Sydney for example. There is a saying among the population and that is that from any point in the city, it is possible to reach another point in as much as twenty minutes.

The biggest sights of the city are: Adelaide Botanic Garden, National Wine Center of Australia, Adelaide Oval, Victoria Square, South Australian Museum and so on.

Adelaide has the lowest average salary and the highest unemployment rate of all the top five cities in Australia. When we talk about unemployment, we would emphasize that in September 2014, it was 6.7%. The most sought-after jobs in the city are related to education and health. These industries are currently on the rise and represent employment opportunities and an immigration population. What is an advantage over other Australian cities is that life here is among the cheapest. Other industries that enjoy a very important role in the city’s economy are bio-science, engineering, ICT industry, medical research, tourism and the wine industry.

Interesting facts

  • Adelaide was founded as a colony for free residents and is the only capital city that has been inhabited by free immigrants since its founding.
  • It is home to the largest number of depictions of Aboriginal culture and artifacts. They are exhibited in the Museum of South Australia, as well as in Tandania – the National Institute of Aboriginal Culture.
  • Adelaide is known for being a very accessible city. This city is also known as a twenty-minute city because it is known that you can reach any point in the city in just 20 minutes.
  • This city is the first in Australia to abolish sexual and racial discrimination, the death penalty, the first to recognize Aboriginal property rights and the first to give women the right to vote.
  • The exotic botanical garden in Adelaide has the largest and oldest greenhouses in the southern hemisphere. These greenhouses are a famous attraction for tourists.