Beograd-North Dakota

Year of travel: 2014

Agency experience: Positive

The agency was ok, correct, respect everything. I am pleased.

Location: Williston, North Dakota

Experience finding an extra job: Neutral

Nightlife doesn’t exist, there are 2 strip clubs and that’s it. There are literally no people on the street, everyone is at work or in the car, but you literally can’t see a man on the street. That surprised me a little. The city is a quiet, typical American town. It is colder in the morning and at night, and it is around 30 degrees during the day.

Job: Kitchen Help, Hardees fast food

Employer experience: Negative

Hourly rate: $ 11 Number of hours per week: 40 + overtime

Description of the employer: The employer is only there to monitor whether you work, if you do not work for a minute or two, he immediately draws your attention to the fact that you have to. They are extremely difficult to cooperate with. I would not recommend this fast food restaurant to anyone. Example: They didn’t have any student returnees, so I believe a lot of people share my opinion.