Year of travel: 2013

Agency experience: Positive

Extremely positive experience. I applied for the program at the end of March and everything was done on time, so I already started working on the first of June. πŸ™‚ I am already collecting papers for next year, and again with the same agency.

Location: Delaware, Fenwick Island

Experience finding an extra job: Neutral

I personally had no need to look for another job, but an additional job can very easily be found in both Fenwick Island and Ocean City, a neighboring city. The place is extremely safe and the locals are pleasant, everything you need can be found on foot, and the beaches are located 10 to 15 minutes from most accommodation. There aren’t too many places to go out, but the few that are there are extremely interesting, and they organize weekly parties for W&T students. Also, the first or second week of September is Bike Week in Ocean City, which is one of the largest biker gatherings in the US.

Job: customer service and relationships, Sunsations

Employer experience: Neutral

Employer description: Why neutral? Well, a person is simply not pleasant, but as long as you adjust and realize that you only need to talk to customers, work at the cash register or put on T-shirts, which is really not difficult, everything will be OK. A yellow T-shirt was worn there. It is possible to agree with him and have a large number of hours a week and then do only one job.

He pays regularly, for two weeks. He doesn’t pay “over-time” anymore, 1.5, but a regular price, which is enough again.