Beograd - Washington DC

The desire for new acquaintances, adventures and language training led me to opt for the Work and Travel program. As someone who loves to travel, visiting America this year was the best trip for me so far.

I was informed about the American Adventure agency last year through friends from college who referred me and recommended cooperation with you, to which I can freely say that they were not wrong because I am completely satisfied with the treatment, service and work of employees who were always ready to respond to all questions and help me solve all doubts and problems even after going to America.

Since I applied for the program without friends or acquaintances, that situation changed during the training for the Lifeguard program, and later at the Belgrade airport, where I met my peers, mine roommates who I can say today are part of my family. . Washington is certainly one of the most orderly and beautiful cities I have visited so far. I lived in the suburbs, about 30 minutes by subway from the city center in the accommodation that was provided to us in advance, and 20 minutes by bike from the pool where I worked. The job of a lifeguard compared to other jobs that require much more physical effort really wasn’t that hard. Pumps, filters, and water maintenance chemicals get into the routine quickly, so I mastered that hard part of the job very quickly. I was lucky because the pool I worked on had a solid number of working hours, so in agreement with the supervisor, I managed to accumulate additional overtime hours. The strongest impression on me was definitely left by New York, the city I literally fell in love with and from which I carry the strongest impressions and experiences.

A city that, in my opinion, is the capital of the world and a place that you must not miss if you embark on an adventure like this.

In addition to the money I have earned, the people I have met, and the places I have visited, I carry with me from America the best experience of my life so far, and I look forward to going back and continuing where I left off.