Ocean city

The agency is completely correct, it will tell you everything that interests you in the shortest possible time, either via Skype or in person, all the best. I recommend the agency to everyone.

For students, I think there is no better place, there is everything you need, lots of clubs that work every night, work as much as you want, prices are pretty cheap, restaurants on every corner with a variety of food, shops with alcohol on every corner, public transport around the city cheap and well organized, great beach, in any case no one can be bored.

Hourly rate: 7.25 $ Number of hours per week: 32 Average tip: 1 $. The employer is probably one of the worst in OC, the hours are small and they still steal your hours (they stole 40 minutes from us every day, no matter how much they worked and which position), they exaggerated too much with strictness, nothing can be done, no you are allowed to take your mobile to work, roughly as if you were in the army and not in a dilapidated 2 * hotel, the food is mostly of very modest quality, the only employees you work with are really fair, that’s probably the only +.