Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is an incorporated town in Sussex County, Delaware, United States.

During the summer months the population increases from 1500 to 15000.

Bethany Beach a small town with a big punch. Despite its small size, Bethany Beach boasts the usual attractions of a summer seaside resort, including a short boardwalk, a broad, sandy beach, motels, restaurants, and vacation homes. The nearly half mile-long boardwalk is 12 feet wide bordered by shops on either side. The shops range from high-end boutiques to traditional summer style shops, and restaurants or cafes offering fresh seafood, coffee, candy, and ice-cream.

The Bethany Trolley gives visitors a lift from one end to the other during the summer season. The beach is over a mile long and 150 feet wide to give beachgoers plenty of room to spread out. The Bandstand offers entertainment and music throughout the summer and off-season.

There are plenty of luxury single family homes, condos and townhomes on the east side of town, with single family homes to the west with bay front and canal access too. Residents can find everything from luxury to quaint living in this versatile town.

For some, the Bethany Beach lifestyle is the ultimate expression of why the Delaware beaches hold a special place in people’s hearts, generation after generation, season after season. For years, Bethany has embraced its own quiet style – smaller and more serene than some beach resorts, Bethany is beloved for its balance of family-friendly peacefulness and fun-loving diversions, and has become a favorite for celebrities.