Gardiner is the northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The town is situated in breathtaking Paradise Valley with the Yellowstone River running right through town. Founded in 1880, Gardiner is a center of activity for visitors to the region, serving as the only entrance into Yellowstone National Park that remains open to wheeled-vehicle use year-round.

Accommodations are readily available in Gardiner and the surrounding area.In Gardiner you can take rafting trip with Wild West Rafting on the Yellowstone River. Nice clean water, lots of big splashes – had an awesome time, the highlight of our Yellowstone Trip. The guide was great and its a kid friendly river.

As you enter Gardiner after exiting Yellowstone National park thought the Roosevelt arch, the road curves around and plops you right onto a one sided drag(wouldn’t want to obstruct views of the park now) which is full of resturants and gift shops. Take a stroll down the strip, it only takes a few moments. There is a great little western shop to buy your hats or belts, ect… a jewlery gallery, interesting to poke your head into, and chatchkey filled shops for all your souvenier needs.

In this town Montana  you can feel and  have a wide selection of hotels, motels, cabins or vacation home rentals and bed & breakfasts available for your dream vacation.

Gardiner also has plenty of places to stop for a simple, tasty bite to eat or a relaxing sit-down dinner.

Also,  is full service town: a grocery store, gift shops, outdoor equipment sales and rentals, a full service auto and RV repair shop, pharmacy, bookstore and members who can assist you with such things..

If you are curious outdoor adventure packages such as fishing, horseback riding, backpacking, whitewater rafting, lama pack trips, zipline packages or hunting guides, Gardiner is perfect place to be.