Lake City

Lake City is the only town in Hinsdale County.  Hinsdale County is made up of 96% public lands. That means that have the fewest miles of roads per person, plus the most land area located far from roads, making Hinsdale County the most remote county in the lower 48.
Located at the crossroads of two major scenic byways: Silver Thread Scenic Byway (Hwy 149, 2 wheel drive) and Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway (CR 30/20, 2 wheel & 4WD).
Lake San Cristobal is the second largest natural lake in the state and here is hundreds of miles of hiking and off-road trails.
Jagged peaks pierce deep blue skies, while wildlife teems in rocky canyons and on high valley floors.
Crystalline rivers flow from altitude, while unique geology promises adventure and spurs endless exploration.
And, continuously, within this wondrous dreamscape, whispers from the past mingle with voices of the present in the cool, rarefied air of remote Hinsdale County and its historic town of Lake City.
Encompassing more than one thousand square miles of untamed beauty, “ah factors” are a constant in this northeastern corner of Colorado’s mystical San Juan Mountains. From climbers to fishermen and hunters, from 4-wheel enthusiasts to hikers, bikers and horseback riders, from birdwatchers to Old West history buffs – magical moments are spun into heirloom memories passed on and recreated generation after generation.
In Lake City they don’t have: Commercial chains – no Walmart or food chains., stop lights -There is not one stop light in Hinsdale County, there are stop signs but not many of them, traffic, light pollution because Lake City has the most beautiful night skies and nothing to keep you from being able to enjoy it with a naked eye, noise, great cellular service, elevators because there is no building higher than two stories in Hinsdale County.

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