Marietta is a city in and the county seat of Washington County, Ohio, USA. During 1788, pioneers to the Ohio Countryestablished Marietta as the first permanent settlement of the new United States in the Territory Northwest of the River Ohio. Marietta is located in southeastern Ohio at the mouth of the Muskingum River at its confluence with the Ohio River. The population is about 14,000.

The city operates sixteen parks, encompassing more than 180 acres. In addition, there is a bike and walking trail throughout the City for the public to enjoy. The municipal parks include three playgrounds/ball fields, one neighborhood playground, nine passive parks, and four other parks offering a variety of active play facilities. Playgrounds are typically equipped with swings, slides, and similar facilities. Playfields include both practice and regulation size softball fields. Playgrounds, fields, and basketball courts exist in several locations throughout the city, and the Marietta Aquatic Center is located at Indian Acres. The majority of passive parks in Marietta are orientated to the riverfront and include sites of historical significance and are generally limited to plantings, paths, and benches.

Marietta offers two types of trails for your enjoyment. The River Trail is a paved surface perfect for walking, bicycling with family, or taking Fido for a leisurely stroll. For the more adventurous, the Marietta Trail Network leads through many miles of off-road terrain, ideal for hiking and mountain biking.

There is also Kroger Wetland and Becky’s Meadow were developed so you could experience a wetland and become familiar with flora and fauna native to Ohio.

There are many animals that still live in the wetland. Nesting birds include mallards, Canada geese, wood ducks, tree swallows, common yellowthroat, yellow warblers, catbirds, willow flycatchers, various woodpeckers, robins, wrens, chickadees, titmice and song sparrows. The Interstate to the east provides a challenge to birders listening for calls and songs.

Enjoy your visit.